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PhD Student (Ref 24/2023)

Publication date:
1 Jun 2023
Application Deadline:
15 Jun 2023
Staff Type:
Research Staff
Research Type:
PhD Student
Research Program: Genomics Research Group:

Job description

CRAG is an independent research institution engaged in leading-edge basic and applied plant and farm animal sciences. CRAG is established as a Consortium of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and University of Barcelona (UB). The Center is located at the UAB Campus, and currently hosts 200 members from across the world.

Research Programs at CRAG (from basic science to applied research using plant experimental model systems, crops and farm animals) make extensive use of genomic technologies and large sets of genetic and genomic data


- The Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) is looking for a PhD Student to be part of the group Genetics and Genomics of Vegetable Crops, led by Dr. Jordi Garcia-Mas.
- The candidate will be in charge of characterizing the candidate gene for the white flesh (wf) gene in melon.
- The tasks are included within the framework of the project PID2021-125998OB-C21 “Natural variability and gene editing to decipher fruit quality, disease resistance, fruit morphology and reproductive barriers in melon”.


- Educational requirements: Degree in Genetics or related disciplines
- Skills: Strong knowledge in genetics, genomics and molecular biology.
- Experience: Master degree


- Contract Duration: 4 months
- Hours/week: full time


Please submit all the application through CRAG website:

CRAG is committed to the principles of the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers of the European Commission. All candidates will be considered qualified for the job without restrictions of gender, race, nationality or disability.

Integration policy: reserve the place in a first turn for disabled staff.

Interested candidates must submit the following documents:
- Curriculum vitae
- A motivation letter, including a brief summary of work experience and a statement of research interests and career goals (2 pages maximum).
- Student’s certified Academic Record, including a detailed record of study / transcript (a list of attended courses and corresponding grades)
- Any additional files considered relevant to the application, but please only provide documents that are important to support it two reference letters from university lecturers or scientists with whom the applicant has studied or worked

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